Lifespan of Jack Russell. How Long do Jack Russell live?

Lifespan of Jack Russell. How Long do Jack Russell live?
Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell is a popular breed of dog. These small, lively, and intelligent dogs catch everyone's attention because of their great hunting techniques. They are a breed of dog with a long life. Do you know their average life expectancy?

Jack Russell Terrier was developed in England in the mid-1800s and gained international recognition in 2000. This breed of dog was developed mainly to protect crops and domesticated chickens from rodents and small wild predators, especially from red foxes.

The lifespan of Jack Russell

When we look at the average lifespan of a domestic cat, we see that it is 02-16 years. On the other hand, the average lifespan of a dog is 10-13 years. That's means, cats are ahead of dogs in terms of life expectancy. The Balinese cat is the longest living cat breed among the cat breeds. They live for about 12-20 years. On the other hand, Chihuahua, the longest living dog among the dog breeds, also lives for 12-20 years. Jack Russell is one of the longest living dogs among the dog's breeds. 

Looking at the lifespan of dog breeds, it can be seen that small dogs usually have a long life span. This may be due to the fact that they are less susceptible to diseases due to their small size and their immune system is higher than other dog breeds.

Interestingly, the longest living dog is Chihuahua and the second is Jack Russell. As the result of the Chihuahua and The Jack Russell cross, we got the Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix (Jack Chi) which also famous as long-living dogs.

How Long does Jack Russell live?

No one can say for sure how long a Jack Russell will live. So everyone will tell the average life expectancy of Jack Russell. Because the average lifespan is easy to calculate and it can be said for sure. 

In general, Jack Russell is a very strong dog with low genetic health problems. Again, due to their small size, their other dangerous diseases like Cancer, Canine distemper, Rabies, Lyme disease, Kennel cough, Leptospirosis, Kidney disease are less common. That is why the average lifespan of Jack Russell is higher than other dogs. The average lifespan of Jack Russell is 13-16 years.


Note: The average life expectancy depends on many factors. Not that, you bought a Jack Russell and you hope he would live 15-16 years.

Jack Russell’s Life Expectancy

Basically, find out the right breed, care, treatment, food, the surrounding environment all affect the lifespan of any animal. Jack Russell is no exception with this. 

You can expect a long life from Jack Russell if you can provide your Jack Russell with the right amount of nutritious food he needs, regular vaccinations and treatment, regular exercise, well socialization, or Training and care with a good living environment. 

If you can supply everything he needs properly, you can expect your Jack Russell lifespan to be 15-16 years or a little longer unless something unusual happens.

Note: As a hunter dog, Jack Russell terrier keep a lot of energy in their body. So they have to lose energy regularly to stay healthy. And the best way to lose energy is to exercise regularly.
Regular exercise will extend the life of your Jack Russell. Getting your Jack Russell to exercise regularly may not be possible for you because of your busy life. Even after that, you can regularly go out with him to consume his energy. Or you can keep him busy with some toys. There are different types of balls available in the shops around your local area. You can provide a ball to Jack Russell for play. 

Jack Russell has a habit of digging holes or chewing. If you want, you can also supply their chewing toys. This way you can easily do the exercise work by keeping him busy.

If you want to put a Jack Russell for the first time, it's a better idea to collect an annual calendar to take care of him from the beginning. Contact your veterinarian, he will help you with this. If you want, you can also collect an annual calendar of Jack Russell's care from the online shop.


We hope your Jack Russell will stay with you longer than the average lifespan.  May the bond of love between you and Jack Russell last for a long time. Happy Petting.

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