All about of Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix- Jack Chi Dog

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix, Jack Chi
Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix is popular to everyone as Jack Chi. Jack Chi is like twice in one. That means you can find the Characteristics of two different dogs in one. Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix is also known as Jack Chi, Jacakawawa, and Jackhuahua

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix in details


In this article, we’ll discuss all of Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix. Here you will know Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Origin, Personality, and behavior, physical structure, lifespan, food and nutrition, grooming and care, price, good aspect, and bad aspect with some facts.

Familiarity with Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix is a small size dog. The Jack Chi dog came from the crossbreed of Jack Russell and Chihuahua. Their name has become Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix or Jack Chi, Matching their parent's names. Since they come from two different dogs so they carry the genes of two dogs. That means they are not pure breeds.


History of The Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix


Genetically modified hybrid dogs are gaining a lot of popularity recently. Dogs born through crossbreeding or mixed breeding have become quite popular since the 1980s. As a result, the amount of cross-bedding has increased worldwide, especially in the United States. Jack Chi is one of the successes of that crossbreeding.

There is no accurate information about where the source of the Jack Chi mixed breed originated. The idea is that dogs of this breed have been born at any time in the last 20 years.

Their father, Jack Russell, originated in England in the year of The 1800s and their mother Chihuahua originated in Mexico in the mid-19th century. But, Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix developed in the United States. The purpose of developing the Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix breed was an ideal companion and adapt to modern life.

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix is not recognized by any major club. They have been recognized by the International Designer Canine Registry since 2009


Personality and Behavior:

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix is small in size but they come with a complete package. Since they are a combination of two different types of dogs, so there is a lot of variation in their Personality. Chihuahua is a toy breed dog and Jack Russell is a hunting dog. As a result, their behavior tends to be like sports and hunting.

Never expect their personality to be 50% Jack Russell and 50% Chihuahua. Because of the dominant genes, sometimes the father's personality is seen more and sometimes the mother's personality is seen more. But you can find two types of personality in one dog.

All Jack Chi in the same litter has not the same appearance or characteristics due to genetic variation. This can be seen in all mixed bidders. However, considering the behavior, it can be said that Jack Chi dogs are sports prone, lively, alert, clever, and energetic dogs. Jack Chi's behavior depends on the behavior of the parents found in the inheritance gene.

Jack Chi is a very smart and good runner. Need training from an early age because they always like to be active, that is why they can leave the house in your absence. As a small size dog, Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix is suitable for apartments and also for houses with large open yards.

They like human companions very much. So if you want to keep Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix at home, you need to take some time for your Jack Chi every day. During this time you can play with them or get them to exercise or go out with them. This increases their stimulation a lot.

Jack Chi is a fun dog who likes to spend time with family. They do not like to be alone at all. As a result, if you leave them alone at home and go out for a long time, they may start screaming or howling. When they are alone, they go under pressure. Jack Chi is a very strong and energetic dog so they can become dangerous when they are under pressure.

With adequate training, your Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix can be an excellent companion for you, loving and affectionate. Its will enjoyable for both you and him.


Jack Chi With children and Others


The Jack Russell Chihuahua mix is ​​not usually aggressive. Jack Chi has got a stubborn nature from Jack Russell. So if they get annoyed while playing, they can become rough or aggressive. That is why these dogs are not for you if you have kids at home. Kids may be annoying or hit them In playing time. Sometimes they can not allow this disturbance. But with proffer training and familiarity, they will good friend to your child.

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix dogs are very alert dogs. So when a new guest comes to your home, With whom he is not known, then he could scream. Usually, they don't scream a lot but when they see unexpected things then they scream a lot.


Jack Chi With Other Pets


Jack Russell develop to hunt rabbits, squirrels, and red foxes. Also seen This hunting tendency in Jack Chi. So if you have any other small pets in your house like cats, rabbits, rats, then you have to be careful. It is better to get introduced to them in a proffered way at the beginning.

Jack Chi can easily adapt to your other pets if you can build proffer socialization and familiarity early age.


The Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Size and Appearance


Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix is a mixed breed so there has a similarity of physical constitution, appearance, and characteristics with their parents. Jack Russell and Chihuahua are both smaller dogs, that's is why their mix Jack Chi also a small size dog. Jack Chi's body is muscular,  long, and neck short. Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix is about 10 to 15 inches long. Their average weight ranges from 08 to 18 pounds. As a small body dog, they can run fast.

Due to the genes inherited from the parents, there is a difference in their appearance. The head structure is triangular like Jack Russell. Eye large, round, and magical like Chihuahua.

Their tails are curly. As a small size dog, their legs are also small in size. They have two types of ears, floppy like Chihuahua or folded like Jack Russell.


The Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Coat color


The coat size is small but dense. There are a variety of coat colors seen in the Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix's body. The coat color depends on the parents' dominant gene. They are usually black, white, brown, cream, golden, and chocolate colors. There are Bi-colored and tri-colored are also very common. Usually, black and brown, black and tan, black and white, brown and white, light brown and dark brown seen in Jack Chi.


Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Lifespan


In the case of mixed-breed dogs, the lifespan depends on the average lifespan of a parent's dog. Chihuahua and Jack Russell are both long-living dog. The average lifespan of a Chihuahua is about 15 to 20 years and the Jack Russell Terrier is about 13 to 16 years. Also, Jack Chi is a long-lived dog. The average lifespan of Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix is  13 to 18 years.


Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Training


Jack Chi is a very active, strong, and brave dog. So it takes perseverance, patience, and time to train them. Although Jack Russell is small in size they like to influence others. This feature is also seen in Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix. They always want to win by influencing others. So their training can be a little complicated.

Because of their leadership nature, This is best to avoid punishing them during training. The best way is to train him with encouragement and friendly behavior. Even if Jack Chi is an active dog, it would be better to keep the training sessions short. They can be annoying if the same training is continued.

They can run very well so they can run a lot. If you think you will train your Jack Chi in the open yard, you must make sure that the fence around your house is strong. Otherwise, they can go away.

Jack Chi likes to dig. So you should serve some toys for your Jack Chi, otherwise, they can ruin your mattress, sofa, kids toys, litter box, etc. Jack Chi can sometimes be aggressive. So ensure proffer socialization in training sessions.

If you don't know how to train your Jack Chi you can contact a trainer. Here a Jack Chi Training Video.


Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Grooming and Care


Jack Chi has short hair and rarely sheds. As a result, they do not have to do much grooming. Short coats can be brushed once or twice a week to keep them more smooth and beautiful.

Their ear has a chance to attacked by mites or bacteria. So carefully clean their ears twice a week with a cotton ball and warm water to prevent infection.

At the same time, like all breeds, teeth should be kept clean by brushing with dog toothpaste at least twice a week. Nails should be trim when they rise.

They do not like cold weather so arrange jackets for them in the winter months.


Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Price


The price of a dog depends on many things. Price can differ in different countries. Again, the price may go up and down a bit for gender selection. Also, the price often depends on where you buy from.

The Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Puppy usually costs between $ 200 and $ 750.

Many times Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix puppy can be found at a lower price. But before you buy it, you have to be very careful. Because there are doubts as to whether the dogs obtained at cheap prices are of pure parents gein. Since Jack Chi is a mixed breed dog, it is better to collect it from a reputed breeder with a certificate. This will allow you to find out if your purchased Jack Chi has any genetic diseases and also get the necessary help for training.

Mixed breeds of dogs usually have some genetic and health problems due to genes inherited from the parents. So if you collect from a reputed bidder, you can rest assured with your Jack Chi.

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix
Jack Chi

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Exercise


Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix is an active and energetic dog. So they need to exercise a lot to maintain their activity and lose energy. Otherwise, they may become lazy. If is it you can lose the true beauty of your Jack Chi.

Exercised can twice a day. It can be walking or be running around in an open space. Jack Chi is more sensitive to smell. So when you walk with them, they will try to smell different things through their nose. So always strongly handle theirs.

If you have not enough time then you can keep them busy. They like to play so you can serve some toys for keeping them busy.


Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Litter size

Jack Chi's litter is small in size. Usually, 03 to 05 puppies are born from Jack Russell and Chihuahua mix breeds.

Jack Chi Nutrition and Food

As a small size dog, their food needs are small. The Jack Russel Chihuahua Mix Genetically very active and energetic. As a result, they lose a lot of energy by playing or running. So they need nutrition as per weight ratio. You can find the perfect ratio on the food packet. 

Generally, An adult Jack Russell Chihuahua mix requires about one cup of high-quality dry dog ​​food per day. Packaged foods can be fed, but home-made foods can also be fed if they provide the required amount of nutrients. 

As each dog grows, their food needs and types change. Again the amount and type of food vary depending on the weight. To ensure proper diet and nutrition of your Jack Chi always keeps in touch with your veterinarian.

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Health

Most of the time mixed breed dogs are healthier than their purebred parents. This is because they contain two purebred genes.  As a result, weak genes from the parents are not revealed due to dominant genes. Resulting in fewer health problems. This is not always seen, but most of the time it's seen.

Your Jack Russell Chihuahua mix can inherit genetic health problems from both of his parents. The way to understand health risks is to identify the health problems of the parents. A common health problem is seen in Jack Chi is skin allergies. This skin allergy causes itchiness. In this problem, they can rub and lick their face. 

Jack Russell Chihuahua mix is generally healthy dogs but like other dogs, they have some health issues. The most common health problems in Jack chi are

01. Patellar Luxation

02. Tracheal Collapse

03. Heart Problems

04. Hypoglycemia

05. Cardiac problems

Contact your veterinarian immediately if you notice any health problems in your Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix.

How is Jack Chi as a pet dog?

If you are thinking of bringing a Jack Chi. In short, we discuss some of the good aspects and bad aspects of Jack chi. That's can help you choose a Jack Chi. 

The Good Aspect of Jack Chi

01. Due to their small size, they fit in any home.

02. One dog has the characteristics of two dogs that give a completely different feeling.

03. Loyal, intelligent, strong, lively, and friendly dog

04. They like to play. Also, a good guard dog.

05. Can be a good pet with older children.

06. They do not need much grooming.

07. Healthy and long-lived dog.


The Bad Aspect of Jack Chi

01. Jack Chi needs a lot of practice tosocialize. And this practice has to be done very patiently.

02. They have a habit of digging so they can damage your sofa or mattress if you don't find anything to play with or dig.

03. It may not be good for young children at an early stage.

04. You have to give them time every day because they can't tolerate loneliness.

05. Due to their predatory nature, they may run after cats or other small animals while walking on the road.

06. They may also be at risk due to the hereditary health of both parents.

07. May is not good with other pets in the house.

08. Sometimes they can abrasive or rough.

Summary and Conclusion

If you are thinking of a lively and energetic dog together then Jack Chi may be the best choice for you. If you want a dog that will be your playmate while traveling and at the same time look after your safety, you can choose Jack Chi with your eyes closed.

Before you bring Jack Chick home, keep in mind that they may not be the best dogs for your other pets in and around your home due to their predatory nature. Of course, Jack Chi may be the best choice for you if you can arrange the appropriate training. Jack Chi is not for you if you don't get enough time and can't arrange full training. 


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