Why do dog eyes look magical?

What is in the eyes of a pet dog?

The dog eye, especially puppy eye, One glance is enough to melt an ice-cold heart. I'm not talking about everyone's heart. But who love dogs only he/ she realise it. Any reason they look at anyone and howling or crying with these Magical eyes, his / her heart is bound to melt. For this magical eyes people love dogs as a best pet. But why do dogs eye look magical??

Why do dogs eyes look magical?

Researchers have put forward a reason for this. Scientists theorize that the muscles around the dog's eye have undergone special changes to strengthen the friendly relationship with humans.

Experts have found this by examining the dog's physical characteristics and behavioral characteristics with the dog's ancestor, the wolf.

Magical Dog Eye

Magical Dog Eye, How Cute!

Examining the structure and behavior of dogs and wolves to determine whether eyebrow movement is the result of evolution shows that muscles can help dogs raise eyebrows, which are very rare in wolves and have few fibers.


The researchers cut off the heads of dogs and wolves. The muscles of the two species of animals look the same. The only difference is in the type of eyebrow muscle. Which is in the eyebrows of the dog, not the wolf. And with the help of this, the dog can raise his eyebrows quite high.

Raising the inner eyebrows makes the dog's eyes look bigger. Can say something childish. Again, this attitude can be seen in the faces of sad people.

When dogs raise their eyebrows, people wake up to the indomitable urge to look after them.

As a result,  People are attracted to dogs because of this ‘meaningful’ eyebrow movement ‍and want to cherish dogs, take them in their arms, play with them, and above all nurture them.

In the Stone Age, a species of wolf began to be tamed by humans. This class is considered the ancestor of modern dogs. Dogs are more important to humans than any other animal because of this special eyebrow muscle. This trait has become even stronger in dogs in the next generation.

Researchers also examined the behavior of dogs and wolves. Dogs often raise their inner eyebrows more often than wolves when they approach a human for two minutes.

‘Looking at a dog’s eyes gives you an idea of ​​how important appearance is in attracting people’s attention and how important expression can be through an appearance on social media.

This expression of the dog has attracted people to the dog, so people have started to keep the dog as a pet. In the process of keeping the dog for thousands of years and living in close proximity to humans, social behavior has improved among dogs, and as a result their appearance has changed.

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