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Some Time we notice that our dog howling but we don't know why they are Howling. In this article, we know everything about Dogs howling and crying

Dog Howling and Crying

Dog Howling and Crying

Animals have emotions, love, anxiety, fear like humans. They need to communicate with each other or with the owner as Like humans. But they cannot use oral language to express it. So they use different ways to express their feelings.

In the case of wild animals, the language of expression or communication is different from pet animals. Especially your pet dog or cat uses different ways to express their feelings. Sometimes they wag their tails or roar and shout or make noise or rolls on the ground.

They express their feelings in different ways from time to time considering the situation. Especially pet dogs. They like to talk with you. They express their language in different ways from time to time depending on the situation by different body postures. But most of the time they express their feelings by shouting. In this, we will tell you what are the most common reasons why your dog howls from time to time.

Howling is not very common behavior. The truth is that howls are an important source of information about the emotional, mood, and even health of our dogs. After all, it is one of their ways of communicating and expressing, as far as possible, what is happening to them.

The howl has always been present in the "dog world". In fact, it is one of the clearest characteristics that they have inherited from their ancestor, the wolf. Normally, it does not have to mean anything negative, because most of the time, it is a simple way of calling each other and talking to each other. However, on other occasions it can be an indication that something is not going well: stress, some ailment, fear, or lack of some specific care can cause the dog to suddenly start howling.

The howling tones can give us some clues to find out what this sound is due to. For example, a more plaintive, low-pitched howl may be due to the dog in pain or discomfort. On the contrary, a high-pitched, loud, and loud howl can be caused by spending too much time alone, a lack of stimuli, or simply the imitation of some external sound that is similar to a howl, such as the wind or sounds of the mermaids in the city.

Howling is a part of dog communication. What we can do is prevent the causes for which it occurs, making sure that he receives the necessary attention and care, that he does not get hot, cold, or hungry, that he has enough toys when he is alone at home, that he always has water fresh and clean at your disposal. They are simply common-sense measures that will ensure the welfare of the animal, which will not give him a reason to howl excessively or sudden.

Emotional state

Dogs are very emotional and sensitive animals. If for some reason he feels that you are not paying attention to him, he can understand better. She can't stand it in any way. And then he howling. She wants to grab your attention by howling.


Communicating with other dogs is one of the howl's most important functions. Through this, they share their status with each other. Many times they answer each other by howling.


Reunited family

Sometimes the dog screams to get all the family members together. It could be dinner for a celebration or a celebration of joy. Many times the dog howling even if it is excited for some reason.


A way of calling

Another very common goal of howling dogs is to call out to others, be it humans or other dogs or animals. A dog cannot talk to like humans. So Howling is only one way to call out to others.


Do you feel lonely

Loneliness can be a good reason for your dog to howl non-stop for a long time. Many dogs cannot bear to be left alone. Especially the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can not bear loneliness. It is not a problem because your dog loves so much and he wants to pass a good time with you. He fell you when you are outside.  If this becomes a problem, go to a dog trainer.

Aches or pains

Another very common cause of continuous howling is some pain, discomfort, itching, etc. If for some reason they get hurt they scream. Of course, all animals, even humans, cry out in pain. It is easily identified because the tone of the howl is more plaintive than on other occasions.

Stress or a scare

Dogs that live in big cities are usually under a lot of stress due to loud noises or constant noise from vehicles. As a result, they are under a lot of stress and cry from time to time. They start Howling when they suddenly think of a time of fear or trauma or if they fall into a similar situation again.


Sound imitation

Surely you have ever experienced the following scene: you are meeting at home, someone plays music or takes out the guitar  and your dog starts howling. It is because the howl can also be an imitation of a sound that catches his attention, such as an ambulance siren.


Territorial Area.

Each dog has won Territorial Area. Where that king is. He does not like the entry of any other stranger into his marked special area. As a result, they howling to prove and To let others know about his Territorial Area. It is one of the reasons for howling, to warn others that no one else can come to take possession of his partner into his Territorial Area.


Presence of "intruders"

If someone enters the house in your absence or sees someone with whom he has no previous acquaintance, he will be howling. In addition, the dog's vision is very good. You may notice that dogs don't scream when they see everyone, but they do scream when they see a thief.


Lack of care or attention

It can happen when he misses you hours of play, walks, or exercise, if he feels lonely (which is not the same as being alone), or if he hungry he howling for your attention.


An attention call

Related to the previous point, howls can also be a way to get your attention. It can become a way of emotionally manipulating you to get what he wants.


It appears linked to stress and is more common than we think. A large part of the dogs that howl constantly due to anxiety. This may be due to the lack of a partner or any other mental depression.


Prolonged separation

Within anxiety, one of the most common is separation anxiety, especially that which takes place over a prolonged period of time (for example, your vacation).

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