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American Bobtail Cat Breed

American Bobtail cat is a royal, uncommon, and most popular cat breed in the world. Naturally, American Bobtail cats have a short tail and their body size is medium to large.

American Bobtail cat
American Bobtail Cat

History of the American Bobtile:

The American Bobtail first introduced us in the year 1960. The back story of American bobtail is very interesting. John and Brenda Sanders couple during a vacation went to Arizona. They find a mail Bobtail kitten here. This couple amazed by this bobtail kitten's friendly personality and the short stub of a tail, the couple took him home with them. They choose the name Yodi for the kitten. It is thought that the kitten was a result of cross-breeding between a domestic tabby cat and a wild bobcat. For this cross-breeding, the kitten was bobtailed and carries the genes of the father and mother.

After that the Yodi matching Domestic cat breed Mishi. Yodi and Mishi’s kittens born with some normal-tailed and some are distinctive bob-shaped tails which length was half of the normal cat tail, suggesting the gene governing Yodie’s bobbed tail was dominant since their Siamese had no history of short-tailed ancestors. They chose the name American Bobtail for the breed and This was the first time when a new bobtail breed started.

The original lines from Yodi and his offspring became inbred and unhealthy. John and Brenda Family friend Mindy Shoultz, who’d had experience breeding. Their focus then became to make the breed more healthy and one that looked like Yodi. 

They developed the Bobtail breed by outcrossing other cats that have naturally short tails. As a result after a long time, the bobtail breed come a recognized standstill breed. The new and developed American Bobtail comes in all colors, categories, and have a sweet deposition but the feral look of the bobcat. They have both long and short hair.

The International Cat Association (TICA) has adopted the American Bobtile in its new breed category in 1989 and fully recognizes it in 2002. The American Bobtail has also been recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA).

Body Structure:

The American Bobtail is a hearty, short-tailed cat. Their body is Moderately long and substantial boning and stocky with a rectangular stance. American bobtail looks like a heavy and powerful cat with strong muscular and athletic in appearance. Their torso is full and broad. The medium-sized legs perfectly complement, the torso displaying strong bones & powerful muscles. They have slightly higher hips with prominent shoulder blades.

Head and Face:

American Bobtails head is a broad wedge without flat planes and size proportionate to the body. Their cheekbones are apparent. The eyes are large, almond-shaped, and alert. They are spaced quite wide apart and are deep-set on their broad face. In profile, they have a slightly concave curve from nose to brow, or rise to prominent brow, with a good length between their brow and ears. Their brow distinctive, evidenced by a slightly rounded forehead to their big eye ridge that gives it a look of an attentive hunter. Their nose is sloped wide and a well-developed jaw and chin.


The ears are medium-sized, wide-based, and equally mounted on top and the side of the head with rounded tips, wide-set, upright with a slight outward tilt. On the back of the ears, Lighter colored thumbprints may show up on all tabbies, including lynx points.


The eyes are large and almost almond in shape, deep-set. The aperture is angled to the base of the ear, and with medium-wide spacing and deep sockets. Their brow distinctive, evidenced by a slightly rounded forehead to eye ridge which produces their natural hunting gaze. Eye color varies with coat color. Eye color can be copper, gold, yellow, or green; blue in bi-color/van, colorpoint, lynx point, or odd-eyed white cats.

Legs & Paws:

American Bobtails' legs are medium-sized and perfect with the body proportion. Their paws are large and round. Toe tufts may be seen in long-haired cats. They often have five toes in front and four in back.


The tail is naturally ‘bobbed’ and shorter than a normal cat’s tail. Commonly The bobbed tail length ranges from 1-4 inches. The Tail is short, flexible, expressive, and straight or curved, slightly knotted, or may have bumps. The tail has a soft plume and long and thick hair around the hole tail. Their tail tends to be broad at the base, strong and substantial.


The American Bobtails come in all colors combination shades and patterns. Their coat pattern sometimes enhances the natural wild appearance of this breed.

Here are some solid colors found in the American Bobtails:

  • Red,
  • Cream
  • Black
  • White
  • Chocolate 
  • Fawn 
  • Cinnamon
  • Lavender.

Coat length:

The American Bobtails come in two varieties Short Haired and Long-haired with many colors and coat patterns. The coat is naturally waterproof.

Long hair American Bobtail: 

The fur of these cats is slightly shaggy and Length medium to long hair, tapering to slightly longer hair on their legs, belly, and tail; ruff slight. The hair length on the tail is longer as compared to the rest of the body. Their coat’s texture is a non-matting, resilient; density-double coat.

Short hair American Bobtail: 

The coat of this cat is semi-dense and Length medium, texture non-matting, resilient with slight loft; density-double coat. The topcoat is rigid and hard while the undercoat is soft and downy. Their coat may be softer in texture in dilute colors, lynx points, and silvers.

Average Weight of American Bobtail:

Weight defense on age, nutrition, and food habit. Normally Female American Bobtail is smaller than the Male American Bobtail cat. 

The average weight of American Bobtails is 3-9 kg.

Temperament and Personality:

American bobtail breed developed by experimenting. Many people confuse the American Bobtail breed with Manx and Japanese Bobtail but American Bobtail is a different, rare, and expensive breed.

"If you want a large cat with a wild look but Calm temperament then American Bobtail is perfect for you"

American Bobtail has wild look but its temperament is not wild. American Bobtails are moderately energetic, social, easygoing, affectionate, adaptable, friendly, and playful cats. They entertain you in many ways.

This breed’s obedient, loving, confident, friendly, and intelligent personality has made them a loyal following. They make an emotional bonding with their families and devoted companions to each other. They can adapt quickly to any home environment.

American Bobtails are moderately energetic and love Travelling. Many people traveling with their American Bobtail cat. For their highly adaptable nature, they easily adapt to the new environment and that's why they are very good travel companions for travelers.
American Bobtails are sensitive to human emotions. So Many psychotherapists keep an American Bobtail cat in their treatment programs as a therapy cat. As a Sensitivity nature, they can read the owner's mind very well and they understand when their owner is upset.

The American Bobtail enjoys company with humans, kids, other cats, or even dogs. It gets along with older children and loves to playing fetch games with them. 

They show a loving attitude with humans and easily attached to a family. Also, they show a loving and friendly attitude with guests or visitors. 

If you have lots of kids or your house is a noisy environment or you have other pets or your lifestyle is quieter. Don't worry your Bobtail will adjust in a short time with you in every environment.

American bobtails are calm cats. Most of the time they remain quiet. When they are happy they make delicate sounds like a purr, chirp, and trill

The American Bobtails are highly intelligent and love to play. They love to walks and enjoy open outdoor spaces. They enjoy Hide and seek games with kids. 

If you need a company to recover from Depression or Tiredness this cat helps you that's time in any way. Because they know how to entertain.

Health Problem:

Naturally, mixed-breed cats have various health problems. But American Bobtails are generally healthy and rarely get sick. They have a high-level immunity system. 

Common health problems:

Hip dysplasia:

American Bobtails are prone to hip dysplasia. This is a lineal disease that has the potential to cause crippling, lameness, and arthritis of the hip joints.


Rumpies are not specific diseases it's a genetic problem. Some bobtail cats are born without tails. They are known as “rumpies”. Rumpies are not acceptable for breeding because of health problems associated with a shortened spine.

Spinal Problem :

American  Bobtail develops by breeding so they contain some genetic health diseases.
As usual, American Bobtails are a healthy breed but the tail-less Bobtails may develop spinal problems that trouble them in controlling excretion.

Viruses & Infections:

American Bobtails are prone to infections by various viruses. Sometimes they may be infected by other cats or pets. So always keep them in touch. To prevent catching viruses and infections your Bobtails need regular vaccinations.

Remember that most of the cat breeders say their strain has no health problems but it is not true. So when you purchasing a cat You must take a health certificate or health guarantee from the breeder in writing

Grooming and Care:

You love your Bobtail and you want your bobtail will be healthy. You get all the required entertainment from your American Bobtail when it's healthy and happy. Only well-grooming and caring can make your pet healthy.

The basic grooming and cleaning requirements discuss billow:


The American Bobtail’s fur is usually silky and shiny so they need a brush couple of times a week. But in the spring seasons, the cat sheds more and falls. At this time proffer grooming is the best idea. You can brash more frequently in those times and clean dead hairs. Take a bath once a month for keeping the hair coat healthy and shiny. In this time The long-haired bobtail needs hair brushing at least 2-3 times in a week and once a time in a week is enough for The short-haired bobtail variety. 

Teeth cleaning:

You must clean the teeth of your cat regularly to prevent periodontal diseases. The daily brush is best but it is so difficult So you can brush the teeth on a weekly basis.

Nail Trimming:

When your Bobtail Nail grows up you need to trim the nail. Nail trim depends on how quickly they grow. If it is growing fast you need to Trim the nails every couple of weeks.

Eyes cleaning:

Sometimes it needs to clean your bobtail eyes. You can clean your bobtail eyes by a damp and soft cloth. To remove any discharge, Wipe the corners of both eyes by damp clothes. Always Use a separate part of the cloth for each eye. In this way, you can save your cat from the risk of spreading any infections.

Ear cleaning:

For cleaning your bobtail ear first check the insides of each ear. If it is dirty remove them with a soft damp cloth. Dump the soft cloth with a 50: 50 mixture of warm water and cider vinegar and It is the best and healthy way to remove the dirty of the ear. Remember never to use Cotton swabs because it can damage the ear’s interior part.

Bathroom Cleaning:

If you want your cat will good health, then you must keep the litter box spotlessly clean. American Bobtail is a very specific breed. They are very particular about bathroom hygiene. So always keep clean the litter box and never compromise with this.

Food Habit:

American Bobtails are a member of cat species Where every species are a carnivorous mammal. So they love to eat meat. As a meat Lover cat, you should buy formulated meat products or organic meat for your bobtail pet. 

You notice that a mature leopard or tiger or lion never drinking milk, chewing grass, or eating an apple in the wild. So you cannot expect that whatever you give your Bobtail at home, he will eat it normally. If you think they should eat like you or the dogs you must be wrong.

If you try human or dog feeds into your bobtail, as a result, they suffer digest problem. Carbohydrates make them fatty and have a chance to risk of diabetes.

So, always avoid carbohydrates at all costs also avoid giving milk, table scraps, and excessive treats to your bobtail.

Ensure pure and clean drinking water all the time.

Lifespan :

The American Bobtail is a long-living breed but they grow up very slowly. To reach complete adulthood they take almost  2-3 years. The average lifespan of American Bobtails is 12-18 years.

Lifespan depends on care, health and nutrition

How is American Bobtails as a pet?

After selecting an American Bobtail as a pet you should know about its lifestyle, good and bad aspects. Here discuss American Bobtails' good and bad side. After reading this you will be able to think about how well American Bobtail is for you.

The good aspect of the American Bobtail:

👉 American Bobtails are active, loving, affectionate, and fearless cats but not aggressive. They can adjust themself with a family like a family member.

👉  They like to spend time with their family but they also used a single life.

👉  American Bobtail is playful both indoor and outdoor. They love to play with everyone, comfortable with children, other pets, and dogs.

👉  They are intelligent, strong, and highly adaptable. Any environment they can adjust to within a short time. Sometimes Bobtails act more like dogs.

👉   Needs Medium level exercise to keep it's active and healthy.

👉  They are creative, travel lover, and medium level Grooming is enough for there.

👉  They are generally healthy and immune system high.

👉  After training, they can welcome your guests with a smile that makes you happy.

The bad aspect of the American Bobtail:

👉  Need minimum physical activity. When you keep your Bobtail indoors only, then they will be Fatty and various diseases attack them like Diabetes.

👉     The American Bobtails are royal cat breeds so they demand a luxurious lifestyle. There living space, litter box, water everything must be clean.

👉     The American Bobtails are good for run and they like it. When you leave your bobtails outdoors in single, then you have a chance to lost your cat.

👉    You should teach your kids how to handle this cat with care and respect. If your kids mishandle with this cat, then it will not tolerate this.

👉    During the spring season, American bobtails leave a large amount of fur that can dirty your home.

👉    Though they are a healthy breed but sometimes they can affect some genetic diseases by offspring. 

👉     They are easily attracted to shiny things and love to play hide and seek. As a result, they can hide your jewelry at home or outside.

In short, If you want an American Bobtail then you need-

  • One open space which around with fancy.
  • Absolutely clean living space, pure food, and water.
  • Allocate some times daily.
  • Proffer Training.
  • Provide limited food from time to time.
  • Introduce toys to keep active.
  • Proffer treatment and grooming.

If you can do this, Absolutely American Bobtail is perfect for you.

American Bobtail Related Questions and Answer:

How much does an American bobtail cat cost? 

If you purchase a bobtail from any reputed breeder you, then the average price will $600 to $1000 USD, it depends on the breeder to breeder.

If you purchase a bobtail from any rescue teem them the price will be $75-$150 USD

Want to purchase an American Bobtail Pure breed here are more information on how to purchase an American bobtail,  American Bobtail Price-2020

How big do American bobtail cats get?

American Bobtails' body size is medium to large but they are healthy. Normally an American Bobtail weight 8-13 pounds. 

How long do American bobtail cats live?

American Bobtails average lifespan 15-20 years.   


Do bobtail cats have health problems?

Yes, American Bobtails have some genetic health problems.      

Are bobtail cats hypoallergenic?

No, the American bobtail is not hypoallergenic.


Are bobtail cats related to Bobcats?

Yes, the American bobtail is related to Bobcats. American Bobtail origin by cross-breeding with a domestic tabby cat and a wild bobcat. American Bobtail is related to the Bobcats genetically. American Bobtails ancestors of Bobcats.  

Do American Bobtails shed?

Yes, American Bobtails shed. In the spring seasons, they shed more.

How do you get a bobtail cat?

American Bobtail origin by cross-breeding. But now they are in a Sustainable stage. So if now you can An American Bobtail by Inbreeding process.  If you want to purchase an American Bobtail then you have three options. We discussed this three option in  American Bobtail Price-2020     

Are bobtail cats wild?

No, American Bobtail is not a wild cat. They look wild but they are highly loyal and Domestic cats. As a cool temperament, they are comfortable in any environment. There are many reasons to love American bobtail.  

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