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Familiarity with Animals (FWA) A site about animals. All types of vertebrate animals are discussed here. In particular, issues related to wildlife, domestic animals, marine animals, and the environment are discussed here.

Our whole world is full of Animal diversity. Again, the animal diversity of all countries is not the same. Although only a very small number of living things are known in the whole world. On this site, we will try to introduce the unknown and Known animals of the world.

Our purpose:

Every living thing has the right to survive. Be it a very small creature or a huge creature. Our path is to establish this.

There are so many animals around us that we don't know much about them. But all the animals together have made our world habitable. All animals in an environment are important. But we are regularly destroying animals for our needs. Which is having an adverse effect on our environment. Familiarity with Animals (FWA) site discusses all the animals we know so that we can understand the importance of animals ‍and We can create a safe world for animals.

From the beginning of creation until today, many animals have become extinct among us. Many more are on the verge of extinction. Man-made causes, along with many other factors, have a huge impact on the extinction of an animal. We discuss the importance of animals on this site so that people show love for animals. This is our purpose so that not a single animal is extinct for any reason created by man.

Our goal:

01. Inform about the importance of each animal.

02. Creating a safe world for animals.

03. Refrain from doing work that adversely affects the environment.

05. Inform everyone about animal and environmental issues.

07. To prevent everyone from doing anything that destroys animals and the environment.

08. To inform about the environmental, social, and economic importance of animals.

If anyone is inspired by our site and shows love for animals, that is our success.

About the Author :

Name                         :           Sebly
Graduation              :           B.Sc (Honours) Zoology, 1st Class
Post Graduation    :           M.Sc (Entomology), 1st Class


1st Position in National Science Fair in 2013 (District Level)
3rd Position in the National Science Fair in 2013 (National Level)