11 Amazing Tips to Protecting Your Cat from Summer Heat

When it comes to summer in temperate countries, people, as well as pets, have a hard time adapting to the hot weather. When the temperature rises, your pet cat may have various problems. so at this time, the cat needs extra care.

Protect Your cat from summer Heat

Cat Summer Health Problem

How to protect your pet cat from the heat?

Before asking this question, we need to know, what can be the health problems of cats in the heat?

Cat Health problem during the Summer

In the winter season, we see cats lying motionless in the sun or in hot places. This is not to say that cats are cold-blooded animals. Cat is a member of Mammal Phylum. As a mammal animal, their physical temperature is like humans. So When the outside temperature rises, they also have various problems like humans. 

The normal body temperature of the cat between 100.5 degrees F to 101.5 degrees F. If the temperature rises above 102 degrees F, you should pay special attention to it, and if for any reason the temperature rises above 102 degrees F, you should contact your veterinarian immediately. Keep in mind that if the temperature in any way exceeds 107 degrees F, your cat can have a heatstroke.

Again not all cats have the same problem at the same temperature. In particular, there is a gap between the ability of wild cats or outgoing cats to withstand the temperature and the ability of domestic cats to tolerate the temperature. There is also a difference between short-haired domestic cats and long-haired domestic cats.

What are the major problems of cats in the heat?

Cats can supper many problems in hot weather. Here we discuss it in short.


In hot weather, cats suffer from dehydration and This is a common problem for every cat hot weather. Cats want to drink very little water. Therefore, in extreme heat, their dehydration occurs more.


Another common heat problem is diarrhea. In hot weather, cats may have digestive problems and diarrhea



If the heat increases, the cat may have a tendency to vomiting.


Cats often suffer from anorexia and loss of appetite due to the effects of heat.

Urinary  Infection

Cat urinary tract infections are one of the most common health problems in summer. This is usually due to dehydration due to not drinking enough water. When you see that your cat does not drink much water, urinates in small amounts but frequently, then you can understand that your cat has this problem.

Affected by Ticks and Fleas

Ticks and Fleas infestations usually increase during the ‍summer season. As a result, cats can easily be attacked by them if they go out.


The biggest problem that can happen to cats in hot weather is heatstroke. If you see signs of heatstroke, you need to pay special attention to your cat. The major eight signs of heatstroke are given below.

a. Panting

b. Staring

c. Anxious  

d. Expression warm, 

e. Dry skin

f. High fever

g, Rapid heartbeat

h. Vomiting

For heatstroke, you may lose your favorite cat. If you see signs of heatstroke, you need to pay special attention to your cat and go to your veteran doctor. So as the temperature rises, you need to pay special attention to your cat and try to protect your cat from heat.

Cat Heatstroke

Over Heat can make Heatstroke

How to protect your pet cat from the heat?

You can protect your cat From heat by doing some tasks. Let's discuss with some tips for you to protect your cat from Heat.

 01. Provide fresh water for drinking.

Provide fresh and clean water to your cat's watering can during extra heat. Make sure that there is water in the water container 24 hours a day and make sure that there is no sun in the water container in any way. Try to keep the water container in a cool place in the house.

An easy way to keep water fresh is to put an ice cube in the container. Ice cubes don't just serve to cool the water. When the cat tries to catch an ice cube that is sliding at full speed on the ground, it also offers her a new opportunity to play.

Some Cats usually do not want to drink cold water. In this case, you can keep more drinking fountains at home to encourage the cat to water or you can keep a cat fountain so that there will be an uninterrupted water supply.

2. Protect your cat from the heat of the sun

Another way to protect your cat from overheating is to keep it out of the sun. Cats should be kept indoors or in a shady place, especially during the day when the heat is high in sunlight.

Especially all cats that like to outside need to be strictly controlled. If necessary, keep your cat locked in a shady yard, house or car so that the sun's heat does not fall directly on him. When traveling by car, make sure your cat is not feeling unwell in the heat..


3. Keep a cool environment in your home

When the outside temperature rises, lower your home temperature. Arrange a cool environment at home. This could be the use of an air conditioner or fan in the house.

By doing this, your cat will get relief along with you. However, make sure that the fan air does not come directly on your cat. This can make your cat move away or get scared.


4. Rest in the hottest hours

In hot weather, cats are less active and do better. To protect them from excess heat, it is best not to exercise during the hottest days of the day. However, American bobtail cats become a bit lazy if they do not exercise. So it is better to schedule their exercise or going out in the last afternoon or in the morning when the sunlight is low. Also, don't let your cat play in the sun or even go out.


5. Create cool places for your cat

If you have a Balinese cat, Don't worry he become to find out the coolest place in the house for his rest. It will be the bathtub or sink. But to find out a cool place is not possible for all types of cats.

If your cat can not find any cool place or he/she will not comfortable in such a place then you can make a cool place for your cat. If you don't know, how to make a cool space for a cat? 

Then One idea for you.

Take a hot water bag. Now fill this bag with normal water or cold water. Put some ice cubes in this bag. This time, close this bag well. Since the outside temperature cannot enter the bag, the bag will stay cold for a long time. This time you can use this bag as your cat bed. Now you introduce your cat to this cool bed.

Cat can find out the coolest place

A cat can find out the coolest place

6. Maintain a good brushing

Your cat's hair usually falls out more in the summer than in the winter. You can help your cat with this process by brushing frequently during this time of hair loss. This will give her some relief and at the same time prevent her hair from getting tangled.


7. Cut your cat's hair

If the cat has long hair, trimming it especially on the neck, armpits, and belly could be another measure to help control the temperature, but if the cat is scared by the noise of the razor it is preferable to resort to other measures to protect it from the heat intense. In addition, it is not about cutting the cat's hair very short, but you should leave about 2-3 centimeters in length, since the hair partly protects from heat and sunburn.


8. Travel safe and cool

When traveling in a car with your cat, be aware of the temperature inside the car, and be careful about ventilation in the car. It is better to travel at colder times of the day. And be sure to keep your cat with enough water to drink during the trip and make sure he doesn't have any problems after a while.

Remember not to keep your cat locked in the car in any way, even if you keep your car in a shady place. If you want to go out somewhere in hot weather, do not leave your cat locked in the house as it can cause heatstroke at any moment.


9. Refresh your cat with damp towels

On a very hot day, you can wet the cat with a damp towel from head to toe. By doing this he will get some refill. Although most cats do not like water, they will enjoy it by soaking it with a damp towel on an extra hot day.

10.  Use sunscreen 

Another effective way to protect your cat from the summer heat is to use sunscreen. While it may not be necessary for long-haired cats, it is more effective for short-haired domestic cats.

When using sunscreen, make sure it is of a good brand and it does not cause any problems to your cat's skin.

11. Beware of heat stroke

As the temperature of the outside environment rises, so can the temperature of your cat's body. In this case, the biggest problem may be the risk of heatstroke. So always make sure that he does not get too hot in any way. That's why keeping him close to you is an easy way to keep an eye on him.

Cats most at risk of heat stroke include flat-faced cats, senior cats, obese cats, and those with heart disease or respiratory problems. However, any cat can suffer from it at one point or another, so if it is hot and you are concerned about your cat's health, quickly contact your trusted veterinarian.

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